Listen Online Le FM 99,3

Le FM 99,3 is located in the region of Estrie, Quebec; it is an Asbestos Francophone community station. In 1972, the radio came into being as CJAN-FM when CRTC permitted the Radio Victoriaville Ltee to do so. The latest ERP and the frequency of the radio were 1000 watts and 1340 KHz respectively. The frequency was allotted to the channel on 26 July 1972, after the station CKFL abandoned it. On June 1989, the station was disaffiliated from Radio Canada, and right after that, it joined the Telemedia. In December 1984, the nighttime Extended Radiated Power was up to 1000 watts. In 1989, the content of CFDL FM (almost 26 hours) was rebroadcasted by Le FM 99,3. In 1991, the radio was under the ownership of Radio Plus B.M.D. Incorporation, and some changes were made to bulletins that were about 22 whereas most of the programming was still broadcasted at Resseau des Appalaches.

Following is the list of shows and programs of Le FM 99,3:

Brunch Week-end with Carl Lambert et Katy Morin

Les rendez-vous country with Dany Côté

Informations nationales

On sort du lit with Katy Morin

Entre jour et nuit

Top souvenirs with Carl Lambert et Katy Morin

Musicalement vôtres with Yvon Leblanc

Entre jour et nuit

Coffret générations with Michel Thibodeau

Style de vie with Yvon Leblanc

À la belle étoile

Infos régionales à

Côté cours with Katy Morin

Coffret générations with Michel Thibodeau

Infos nationales à

À la belle étoile

When CJAN became FM band, its latest frequency was 99.3 MHz with 6000 watts ERP. The latest transmitter would be beneficial in providing the better services to Asbestos and Danville towns. The Talk and other variety of content are available to listen online for the Francophone inhabitants of Asbestos with Petites trouvailles, Événements, concours and much more on the official website of Le FM 99,3. Follow it on Twitter and FB. Explore the site here: