Top 13 Android Alarm Clock Apps

There is proverb this is known by every single person “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. As these days most of the people have bad habit of not rising up early in the morning and we are fond of using cellphone day and night. That’s why we also use our smartphone as the alarm clock as well and it is indeed the best alarm clock. There are Best Android Alarm Clock Apps available on the store that will compel you to get early in the morning. They can also provide a very loud sound so heavy sleepers can wake up by this sound. Get more Productivity Apps for Android Phones free at here.

Here is the list for Top 13 Android Alarm Clock Apps:

Funny Morning Alarm Ringtone


Puzzle Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Free

Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock

I Can’t Wake Up


Alarm Clock xtreme

Gentle Alarm

Alarm Clock By Double Twist


Life Time Alarm Clock

The last one in the list of Top 13 Android Alarm Clock Apps is Life Time Alarm Clock. It has very sole feature of the design design which lies above rest. The very brilliant app which is very simple to use. The look is also dominant and attractive. There are some other features like number of alarm supports and puzzle to wake you up. There are some ringtones available as well that can be set as alarm tone. It contains a pre-alarm feature as well for gentle wake ups. It also has a flashlight which is helpful in dark places. There are smart snooze as well that let a person to keep out of bed.