3 Reasons Why Affyn’s Free-to-Play Metaverse is the Project to Look Out for in 2023

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During the COVID-19 pandemic years, many people across the world spent more time at home and turned to gaming as a means of entertainment and community. According to Unity Technologies, there was a 46% daily active user increase in HD gaming and a 17% increase in mobile gaming in 2020. More than 90% of gamers in Asia Pacific played via mobile in 2021, and the metaverse market will reach $783.3 billion in 2024, up from $478.7 billion in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%, based on PwC’s data.

Despite the industry’s optimistic forecast, the current crypto winter has hit high-ranking play-to-earn (P2E) games hard, resulting in player numbers dropping to an all-time low. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the problems with play-to-earn games and how Affyn’s core vision will provide solutions toward a sustainable game economy where the rewards can retain existing players, while at the same time attract new players.

Problem #1: High Entry Barriers for Players to Onboard

It’s all fun and games until the reality of play-to-earn mechanisms dawns on players and reveals that earning has less to do with playing and more to do with speculating. According to an article on CoinDesk, players had to shell out thousands of dollars to buy NFTs or pay a third-party guild to rent them. To make a return, some players feel obligated to spend more to keep it all going and so forth indefinitely.

Another major challenge for the mainstream acceptance and adoption of blockchain gaming is the lack of understanding of blockchain technology. Before players jump on the play-to-earn bandwagon, there’s a need to raise blockchain awareness and adoption.

Thus, Affyn has found a solution to eliminate high-cost barriers for players, both crypto and non-crypto players, to participate in the NEXUS World — a free-to-play, play-and-earn mobile geolocation-based metaverse. The best part, players will only need to sign up for an account to begin — as simple as registering one on TikTok.

Problem #2: Existing Play-To-Earn (P2E) Games Are Not Fun

Games are meant to be fun. You know it. We know it. Yet, the current play-to-earn games feel more like a job with the worst kind of hustle. The question is, why? What’s more unsettling is that some of these play-to-earn games are built around a token or NFT-based system vulnerable to external market factors over which gamers have no say. Another concern is the lack of engagement in these play-to-earn games because of the repetitive, basic gameplay with little substance. There is a surge of interest in play-to-earn games, and it is now more important than ever to build an interactive, fun, and engaging gameplay where it puts the users’ needs first.

Affyn’s goal is to go mainstream and reach the masses which spans a wide range of demographics, including Web2 audiences that aren’t gamers or crypto-savvy. This will put Affyn on the map and become more prominent than any blockchain-based company in the metaverse industry.

⌛ ALPHA in 60s

Moreover, Affyn also prioritizes creating fun, entertaining, and high-engagement gameplay where earnings are just secondary incentives. For example, in NEXUS World, players can catch “Buddies”, become Landowners, and co-create the landscape and economy of an untouched world. As a result, players can play and earn in a sustainable manner over a long period of time. To build a world-class gaming experience, Affyn has hired gaming veterans such as Steve Taylor (Chief Product Officer), Dennis Wan (Chief Development Officer), and Cedric Florentino (Creative Director).

Players will also be less inclined to sell their assets in NEXUS World when the entire experience is wildly fun and rewarding, and they are connected to a community that feels like a family. In other words, the players will lose their sense of identity and community if they decide to sell.

Problem #3: Unsustainable Game Economy in The Play-To-Earn Industry

The play-to-earn concept on its own is unsustainable. In many play-to-earn games today, the sustainability of the gameplay is supported solely by new player growth. When a game first comes out, players usually have to buy tokens to buy collectibles in the game before they can start playing and earning. The number of tokens that come in from players buying in-game collectibles would equal the number of tokens that leave the game as monetary rewards. In this case, the game economy can support itself for as long as it can attract enough new players.

But as the game reaches a plateau and the number of new players drops, the flow of tokens slows down, even though players still earn tokens from playing and sell them on the exchange. This causes continual selling pressure in the market, lowering the value of the tokens. The entire play-to-earn premise eventually collapses since it is no longer appealing to earn tokens through the game itself.

For the long run, Affyn has found a solution to maintain a sustainable and growing game economy to ensure the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players. The solution: utility. With NEXUS World’s integrated ecosystem that links the virtual world with the real world, it can drive FYN tokens toward mainstream adoption. In other words, users can earn in-game rewards and utilize them in the real-life across a plethora of lifestyle services and goods. This will bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world and would solve the issue of sustainability as it forms a closed-loop economy in NEXUS World.

Massive Expansion in the Coming Months

Affyn is here to disrupt the blockchain gaming scene in 2023. The company has hinted at a wave of upcoming developments, most of which are scheduled for rollout in 2023. According to the official roadmap, Affyn will embark on developing beta phases 1 and 2 in 2023 and implement a series of upgrades to expand the use cases of FYN token utility across the NEXUS World and Lifestyle ecosystem.

With concrete plans to increase token accessibility, Affyn is a heavyweight contender in the list of projects that will accelerate crypto adoption in 2023. With such a promising lineup of events scheduled throughout 2023, the NEXUS World will undeniably drive overflowing communities of players from across the world.


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