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3 min readFeb 26, 2022

In this article, we take a deep dive into the topic of buddies. We’ve announced the first batch of buddies that you’ll see in the NEXUS world, so let’s get to know what these buddies can do.

What Are Buddies

Buddies are wildlife you encounter inside the NEXUS world. We named them buddies because they are your companions/sidekicks as you explore the NEXUS metaverse. Players can capture buddies in the wild through the augmented reality lens in NEXUS, where they can be kept, raised, or sold. The owners will retain full ownership of these non-fungible characters.

Affyn is in it for the long run. Therefore the buddies you’ve obtained will grow old with you as you train them and participate in various events. We want to create an environment where you and your buddies are companions-in-arms. To achieve that, buddies are designed to get stronger and become more valuable as you do activities with them. You’ll be in charge of caring for them, feeding and raising them, and they can be evolved by gathering more of the same buddy.

Buddies will have a variety of attributes and traits and even slight differences in appearance.

Each buddy also has its preferences: likes, dislikes, favorite foods and activities. They can be given presents and dressed in accessories and clothes so you can personalize them as you desire.

The NEXUS world is constantly evolving. This keeps the game fun and our players engaged. For each species of buddies, there is a fixed number of wild buddies that can be discovered. Once they’ve all been caught, they will never reappear in the NEXUS world again, leaving room for new species of buddies to appear and frolic.

However, do not fret if you are unable to get the buddy you desire. NFTs like the buddies can be traded and exchanged in the NEXUS world in time to come. Users may create, list, buy and sell NFT character skins, wearables, collectibles and structures in the NEXUS NFT marketplace.

What You Can Do With Buddies

Buddies are an intricate part of the NEXUS experience. They’ll be with you throughout the NEXUS world, so you might be wondering what you can do with your buddies. Below are some of the activities you can look forward to.


There are numerous quests in the NEXUS world. Some are official, and some could be created by other players. Quests can be as simple as finding treasure chests, to something much more complex: for example, it could be a NEXUS Research Society quest where FYN is awarded for capturing and submitting certain buddies. Players may need help from their existing buddies to capture some tough wildlife out there. Quests that offer the most attractive rewards might have specific criteria that encourages users to initiate get-togethers with friends and family.


Raids are events where players and their buddies come together to defeat a powerful monster. If players successfully defeat the monster, they get to keep earned rewards such as FYN or unique buddy characters. There are different tiers of difficulty and these events can be organized either by other players or by the company via official raids. Raids often appear around nature structures. The amount of FYN earned is based on the amount of damage dealt to the monster. Therefore, forming a team with your friends and family will enhance the damage dealt, thereby allowing players to earn more FYN collectively.

Player vs Player and Leaderboard

Players can initiate battles against opponents. Damage dealt in both raids and player vs. player battles will count towards the leaderboard. Top players will be invited to participate in the annual Ultimate Raid.

Assign to Work

Buddies can be assigned to train in their own free time which will enhance their stats and attributes over time.

Collection of Buddies

Players who capture a certain amount of the same kind of buddy will earn FYN tokens. This will encourage players to continuously look for and capture more buddies.

We can’t wait for all you Affynians to start roaming the NEXUS world with your buddies!

Also, stay tuned for the Game Demo Trailer dropping Q2 2022. Meanwhile you can head over to our YouTube channel to check out our NEXUS World trailer:



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