We are delighted to announce our partnership with Professional Genius.

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2 min readDec 11, 2021


Professional Genius (PG) are more than just investors. They are a group of highly-skilled, result-orientated individuals from various professional backgrounds all working towards educating and empowering its community.

“Professional Genius (PG) was created with gamers, developers (of web3), and entrepreneurs in mind. Our passion for technology and people combined with the possibilities of Metaverse; partnering up with Affyn was a no-brainer. The current growth we see in Play-to-Earn gaming is nothing compared to what we predict this industry to be in a few years, we are thrilled to be part of this so early on.

The possibilities and opportunities to achieve financial freedom through Affyn are attractive to us. The ‘Play-to-Earn That’s Free-to-Play’ element which allows individuals to participate and achieve financial freedom without the initial fee is very much aligned with PG’s objectives. We strongly believe gamers should be rewarded for their immense contribution to the gaming industry and are happy to partner with Affyn who provides a space for this to happen. We believe Affyn will dominate the Metaverse world whilst simultaneously impacting our physical world.” — Professional Genius

“As experienced investors, we understand the potential risks associated with investing and the importance of financial literacy. Quality education is at the forefront of our core values. We have a structured educational hub which provides current research and insight into the crypto space.” — CEO, Professional Genius

You can find out more about Professional Genius at

About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company building an integrated ecosystem with a Play-to-Earn Metaverse where the virtual and real world converge. FYN token will be the official blockchain utility token which users can earn and utilize within the ecosystem.



Affyn Official

We are a startup in Singapore who wants to remind people of what's truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.

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