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David Seow, a seasoned cybersecurity professional, shares his views about trust, value, and transparency in the age of the metaverse.

David Seow, Affyn CISO

Who is David Seow?

For about eight years, David Seow has worked as a Security Consultant for Homeland Security projects in Singapore. In fact, Singapore is widely known as one of the safest countries in the world, and his work as a security consultant for high security profile projects demonstrates his proficiency in assisting in the prevention of security threats. He was also the Team Lead for Penetration Testers of a Homeland Security Organisation and a member of the community of practice for 5G technologies. As such, he was cordially invited as a Guest Speaker on topics related to Penetration Testing (CS4238, Computer Security Practice) for the National University of Singapore.

He said, “My experience largely revolves around providing well-balanced approaches in handling security in practical implementations such as operational centric deployments. This ranges from simple setups such as securing enterprise HR and financial systems to ICT systems critical to national security, building capability areas, and raising maturity through the use of leading-edge technology solutions that aim to simplify security and infrastructure overheads.”

His strengths in cybersecurity strategy, information security, and IT operations will strengthen the backbone infrastructure upon which Affyn’s vision is built, bringing significant value to the organisation.

David Seow in Affyn

As the Chief Information and Security Officer at Affyn, David Seow focuses on developing and implementing solutions and policies to protect Affyn’s communications, systems, and assets from internal and external threats.

Affyn’s Founder and CEO, Lucaz Lee, and Director of Operations, Zac Chen, were concerned about IT security in the early days before it was financially feasible to support a full-time executive Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). David shared, “Previously, they would consult domain experts on ad hoc topics in various fields. Think of it as a form of virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs). They could do more than have consultants on a fractional basis at some point, owing largely to their success and community support — and wanted one that was part of the Affyn family.”

Lucaz and Zac are also well known for their admirable work ethics and positive personalities. They are talented, down-to-earth, and possess a practical personality with a compassion that many leaders of our time are missing. For these reasons, David decided to join the company.

A security-aware mindset and strategic thinking are David Seow’s strong suits, which will raise the bar on all security operations in Affyn. He adds, “Affyn has always been cautious with customer and blockchain security, and regularly engages accredited third parties for audits and pentests. There will always be risks; the challenge is balancing usability with security. It is Affyn’s goal to move forward with careful planning and always be proactive towards security.”

He also said, “Internal processes and IT security policies at Affyn will be thoroughly reviewed. My immediate priority is to support Affyn staff with the best IT and security experience possible so that they can keep doing the good work they’ve been doing.”

“As of right now, I’m looking at the overheads that our team incurs to maintain a strong security posture that can be further optimised using leading technology products. For example, SDP, posture checks, zero trust architecture, and browser isolation solutions can bring so much value and make security transparent and seamless to our people.”

At the same time, David Seow is excited about the metaverse potential. “Having a digitally native world where we spend our time working, socialising, and engaging in all kinds of activities is like a sci-fi fantasy coming to life.”

About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company building an integrated ecosystem with a Play-to-Earn Metaverse where the virtual and real world converge. FYN token will be the official blockchain utility token which users can earn and utilise within the ecosystem.



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