When Being Yourself Causes Others To Feel Intimidated
Poornima Vijayashanker

Nice post — and I admit I’ve received similar feedback myself.

I DID get some specific details, however. Apparently my face is very expressive and if I don’t work on it, people know very quickly when I disagree with a point they’re making. :-)

Asking yourself if rocking the boat is a risk worth taking is huge. It can get really easy to feel compelled to fall into line and submit to the corporate culture. But here’s the biggest question: do you want to work at a place where harmony is valued over all else? (because the fact there were no specific details of what she was doing wrong tells me it doesn’t even matter: anything you do that makes someone else uncomfortable is wrong). Or do you want to work at a place that values individuals, as imperfect as we all are?

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