Building the foundations for a thriving Assistive Tech innovation ecosystem

Catalysing the emerging ecosystem: introducing four initiatives


Summary table describing the scope of each of the four initiatives: AT Impact, GSMA, Innovate Now and Artilab

AT Impact Fund

A young black entrepreneur is smiling as he holds up a white prosthetic limb to the light. Various other prototypes behind.

GSMA Innovation Fund for Assistive Tech

  • Grant funding between GBP 100,000 and GBP 250,000
  • Mentoring on the use of mobile technology including expert advice and bringing organisations together physically or virtually to share relevant insights on business growth, and best practices on how to overcome the barriers preventing the digital inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Learning exchange opportunities with other grantees and networking opportunities with the Assistive Tech programme’s networks.
  • Monitoring and evaluation support to evidence socio-economic impact and promote product improvement.

Innovate Now

ARTILAB Foundation

Black and white photo of Mohan Sundaram — Founding CEO & Director of Artilabs. He is in a wheelchair facing an audience.

An open invitation to unlock AT innovation

Blog Contributors:

Bernard Chiira (Innovate Now), Kishore Lala (Artilab), Rhys Williams (GDI Hub), Rosie Afia (GSMA Assistive Tech), Tamara Giltsoff (AT Impact Fund).


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  2. World Health Organisation. Priority Assistive Products List (APL).
  3. Braithwaite, J., Mont, D., Disability and poverty: A survey of World Bank Poverty Assessments and implications. 2009.




Digital Innovation. Humanitarian Optimist. Advocate for Inclusion and Adventure Nomad.

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Rosie Afia Ford

Rosie Afia Ford

Digital Innovation. Humanitarian Optimist. Advocate for Inclusion and Adventure Nomad.

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