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Film still from The Years of Repair by Molly Crabapple

In her book, War Talk, Arundhati Roy wrote: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way… [On] a quiet day, if I listen very carefully, I can hear her breathing.” Well, from where I stand, we can now hear her roaring. Because of the inequality unmasked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the gap between what we dream is possible and what we expect from our government is shrinking.

What do I hear in this new world’s roar? A national child care program to support parents, especially women, who do the lion’s share of care work. A universal basic…

From Covid-19 lockdowns to Putin’s Russia, activists find ways to have impact and keep spirits up despite restrictive conditions.

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Russian Greenpeace activists outfitted this Moscow statue of St. George and his horse with respirators and a banner to protest air pollution. (Photo by Liza Udilova / Greenpeace)

With disaster comes disruption. Old rules no longer apply, and once-impassible avenues can suddenly open up. This is the situation many climate activists found ourselves in as the Covid-19 pandemic escalated.

On one hand, we were forced to adjust to new rules limiting our civil liberties — particularly freedom of assembly. Public health measures requiring social distancing meant rallies, marches, and sit-ins were suddenly off-limits for we-didn’t-know-how-long. On the other hand, we saw a powerful moment of disruption emerging, as people decried an economic system that left many workers without a safety net when disaster struck.

But how can you…

Environmental groups have a diversity problem. Here are some ways we can fix it.

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Our Time activists participating in Vancouver’s Climate March on September 27, 2019 (Photo by Desiree Wallace)

There’s a moment from my first international environmental meeting three years ago that’s stayed with me. The keynote speaker, the founder of a successful car-sharing company, was painting a picture of the future: zero-emission, driverless, on-demand, networked public transit.

Mine was not the only Black face in the room, though there were fewer than I’d hoped. During the Q&A, one of my colleagues asked what would happen to the obsolete gas-powered cars.

“Oh, I don’t know. To be honest, they’d probably be shipped to developing countries to be used as kitchens or something,” the founder said.

Another colleague challenged her…

On a rainy Saturday morning, tucked cozily inside the Toast Collective, we celebrated the launch of a new radio station housed out of this collective space. Community Radio Toast Collective, or CRTC, is a cheekily-named, DIY grassroots radio station.

Broadcasting both live (online) and recorded from a small mobile recording booth in the window of the busy 648 Kingsway storefront, the event drew out a great crowd out novices and experts alike.

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Michelle and AK in the mobile recording studio!

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@BarbieSavour on Instagram

White Savior Barbie had me in total stitches. She’s offensive. She over-emotes and she’s terrible with facts. I love to hate her.

But I also wonder: is she insincere? Is she just shallow, genuine and horribly oblivious?

I’m curious about these real-life Savior Barbies, who must surely be walking around barefoot, decked out in batik, Ray Bans, and a Jesus-halo somewhere “in Africa”.

Of course, the truth is that Savior Barbie isn’t just made of plastic. She’s not even the tone-deaf look-alike in your second year Research Methods class who won’t shut up about her “transformational experience in an African…

Suzanne Collins’ dystopian Hunger Games trilogy is a cautionary tale against some of the threats to people and planet we know all too well: nuclear war, extreme wealth inequality, authoritarian government, and the use of media to manipulate populations — including desensitization to violence.

The tale described in the books (and the movie adaptations) is a useful study for today’s campaigners despite (and perhaps, because of) its speculative nature. In it, we can see the ways in which similar threats unfold in our own world and how counter-movements experience and confront them.

Art is powerful. While imitating or embellishing life…

Jesse Firempong

Energy comms for an awesome enviro w/ fearless, tenacious AF colleagues. “If the apocalypse comes, beep me.”🙅🏾 Views are my own, blah blah

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