9 sentences of wisdom


1. People don’t hate judgment, they only hate getting judged negatively.

2. Judgment is praised when it is positive, unwanted when it is neutral and loathed when it is hurtfully true.

3. Distillation: 1. It is natural for humans to make assumptions about others without knowing the first thing about them. Maybe you did not like the observations you made of them because your made up assumptions made you think you already know enough about them to dislike them. Yet, at the end of the day, you are the only person who is missing out on meeting amazing people because of your ignorance and blind acceptance that comes from it. Ignorance creates diversion through judgement.

Principles of success:

1. Hard work births success, not talent.

2. Success only comes to the ones that truly want it.

3. The only measures of success are the lessons learned through its process.


1. Language is mystical because it can bring people together as easily as it can pull them apart.

2. Language follows no rules, although grammar unsuccessfully tries to discipline it with them.

3. The sea of language constantly changes direction before grammar can detect its flow.

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