English and Its Learnings

I can easily use the excuse, “I am bad at English because it is my second language,” but it would not do me any good. The truth is that I had always been bad at languages and communications, even in my first language. I have never enjoyed learning about languages in general, but this time it was different.

Without a doubt, I enjoyed the grammar section, first three weeks, of EN 103. I have been taught grammar before, but this time it was somewhat more fulfilling. Firstly, the enthusiasm of my professor is much appreciate in a 9 AM class. His fascination and love for grammar made me want to learn and understand it better. I maybe not analyze every sentence I write, but I surely try to analyze the sentences that sound awfully lengthy with terrible sentence structure.

Secondly, I loved using strategies and test in class. I never cared for grammar much because it came after the language itself trying to put it into categories it simply is not meant to be in. The flow of language is independent of grammar. Language evolves into something new every time grammar catches up with it. It is impossible to hold back the evolution of language using grammar, no matter how hard you try. Yet, it was surprising to find out that there are still some rules of grammar that are able to put majority of sentences in somewhat precisely defined categories. It was fun to identify and define different types of phrases and how they co-relate and co-function. It all felt like a big puzzle. It was interesting to realized that different types of phrases can co-exist within each other.

Thirdly, absorbing the knowledge of aphorism was exciting. Sentence transformations were done many times throughout my school days, but I never enjoyed it nearly as much as I did in EN 103. It was weird to notice the transformation of words when transforming sentences-shifting its peaks, changing its length, altering terms- without changing its meaning. I never realized sentences could actually be fun. This exercise is much appreciated.

Grammar is not my favorite topic to write about. Nevertheless, the techniques used to teach it made it worth learning.