Why I believe in the Blockchain?

Afif Ridwan Pratama
Jul 12 · 4 min read

Hello Metadians!

My name is Afif Ridwan pratama, you can call me afif I am 19 years old and have known crypto currency since the age of 15 years (exactly 4 years ago). and this time, I will write why I believe in the blockchain and why I am very enthusiastic about this! okay before this is the writing for Ambassador Metadium Program (MAP) if you are interested in joining this, you can come here https://ambassador.metadium.com to get prizes and more.

Okay back to the topic, first I am Afif and I care about my personal information.Why? because personal information has an important role in life, especially in the community. this is the problem, if personal information is used for things that violate the rules of an example country in Indonesia

Identity problems in my country

With a total population of 269 million(https://databoks.katadata.co.id) and active internet users with 171.18 million (APJI Survey).In Indonesia identity problems become serious when misused for crimes such as fraud, money laundering, atm burglary, online loans and others.

Indonesian people do not seem to understand what the dangers of ignoring identity and privacy are only because the momentary lure is dangerous when sustainable.the importance of Education and Supporting Tools to study Identity and Privacy become Homework for the Government and Indonesian Citizens.With the advent of technologies such as blockchain, this can help solve the problem, slowly but surely.

The citizens will understand this, that is the important role of technology for developing countries such as Indonesia and others to become developed countries such as US, China and India in terms of technology and human resources.

Why I believe in the Blockchain?

and now, the point of my article is why do I believe in blockchain?

· Blockchain is FUTURE

Yup!in my opinion,Blockhain is FUTURE or I’d rather call it 2nd generation internet. because over the past 4 years, I have read a lot of articles about the future of Blockchain where humans are likely to use this unique breakthrough to solve problems in some ways not only in financial technology but also in solving other things

· Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were created to fight Fiat currency politics

DECENTRALIZATION is not CENTRALIZED, Yes! Blockchain, Bitcoin and Altcoin were created to counter the dominance of fiat money set by central banks. This is very good for avoiding and overcoming inflation in certain countries, for example in the South American continent. how many there are now using Bitcoin for transactions because of very bad inflation in recent years, for example Venezuela

· Blockchain Privacy is more than Privacy

Until this article was written, there is no article that says Bitcoin is cracked. Blockchain and Bitcoin technology has high security and transactions cannot be manipulated because of that none of them has succeeded in hacking the bitcoin network because of its Decentralization. This is different from CryptoCurrency Exchange type Centralized which is very easy to hack some hackers, this is the same as what happened by some banks. But this problem is resolved because there is a decentralized exchange of both Bitcoin and Altcoin examples for example Bisq, LocalBitcoins, IDEX, WavesDex, OpenLedger Dex, StellarDex and others

· Blockchain has a Purpose

A blockchain could be a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that’s accustomed record transactions across several computers in order that any concerned record can not be altered retroactively, while not the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

· Blockchain is Secure

Blockchain is decentralized. Instead of uploading data to a cloud server or storing it in a single location, blockchain breaks everything into small chunks and distributes them across the entire network of computers. It’s a digital ledger of transactions that lacks a central control point

· Blockchain,Bitcoin and Altcoin has a big advantage for Industry Players 4.0

If you know the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) provided or made by some people to promote their projects you can benefit from being a Bounty Hunter or Airdrop. The Project Owner will pay the prize according to what you do, this applies to Web Designers, Experience Programmers, Graphic Designers, Editors, social media influencers and others who are most likely to benefit greatly from the Blockchain project if you are observant of opportunities. some of these things you can search on bitcointalk,ICOdrops,bountyhive, bounty0x,bountyhub,bounties.network airdroprating, airdropalert,airdropking and more

The article above is my personal opinion that has been enthusiastic crypto for 4 years, crypto trader and bounty hunter. I just want to tell you what the problem is in my country and why I believe in the blockchain. Sorry if there is a phrase, verb, or wrong sentence in English that I type because I don’t really speak English, but that doesn’t matter because the limit is not a barrier in my opinion. I am very happy and happy to join the Ambassador Metadium (MAP) Program, so I want to give my best. Thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate that!

Best regards,

Afif Ridwan Pratama from Indonesia

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