Doing that thing called “Becoming a Morning Person”

The 1000th time’s the charm, right? For sure this time. 🤞🏼

This is something that I have personally struggled with changing for most of my life. And I feel like right now is the best time to actually make this happen. For real. It’s something that I have wanted to change for much too long. This post will hopefully be the start the journey… Or at least I will be able to look back at this and bask in my undying regret once again.

I have always been inspired by people who make it a point to start their day as early as possible. And the times that I have had a good enough reason to get up at the ass crack of dawn have been my favorite days of the week. A day filled with what feels like an endless amount of hours to get all the things done. I want this feeling every day.

Lately I’ve been getting inspired by the likes of people like Casey Neistat, who lives his life so intentionally it hurts. In the best of ways. I want this. I need this.

Regardless of all this, I couldn’t be more grateful to have the privilege of working from home, on my own schedule, building and designing something that I can truly say I care deeply about. But that’s always been an excuse for me in the past to not wake up with a purpose. I can get up late and work late, no problem. As long as I accomplish something that day, so what, right. This may work for some people, but it has taken a toll on my overall outlook on the day. The days become much shorter and it leaves me with no real evenings to relax and enjoy.

I’d call myself an emotionally passionate person, but over recent years, I’ve slowly tried to teach myself to be more logical, more disciplined, and less emotional. This needs to balance.

Imma do this. Things change now, and this is (hopefully) the beginning to a 2017 that is filled with purpose, intention, and much more spontaneity. ✌🏼

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