Guide: How to Reveal your #MetaHornbill NFT Egg

Are you ready to meet your in-game companion for our upcoming NFT game, Net Zero? They are now ready for the green Metaverse, Planet AFIN starting today onwards.

Please note that:

  • We are only hatching the Eggs that were minted between April 27th and May 15th for this reveal
  • You will need to wait 2 weeks for the Eggs to hatch if you buy them after May 16th, 2022

Follow along on how to hatch your Egg!

#MetaHornbill Reveal Guide

To start, you can access the minting site on either or

  • Make sure you have connected your MetaMask that you used to mint the MetaHornbill Eggs previously.
  • Enter the Mint Page and you will be in the Biosphere once again. Click on the “Backpack” icon on the top right side of the screen. An inventory page will pop up.
  • Your MetaHornbill Egg(s) will automatically be shown in its 3D form on the left side of the inventory pop-up.
  • Click on the MetaHornbill that you want to use to accompany you in the Biosphere and close the inventory.

Voila! You are now a proud companion of your own MetaHornbill! Walk around and your MetaHornbill will be flying closely!

Note: Additional features of the MetaHornbill, such as being able to use them for the Running Game Mode and their superpowers, won’t be available for this reveal.

Alternative Reveal Method

If your MetaHornbill did not show on the inventory, you can follow this reveal method instead:

  • Go to the MetaHornbill page on TofuNFT using this link
  • Click on your Egg on the MetaHornbill page and you will see its individual page
  • Scroll down until you can find the notification box on the bottom right (below Attributes). Click the link that says “Request an update


Will the Legendary MetaHornbill be revealed?
Not yet. Our 3D artist is hard at work and it should reveal 2 weeks after today. We will keep you posted if there are any changes.

I bought an Egg today. Will it be revealed right away?

No. You will need to wait 2 weeks after you buy it.

Can I sell my MetaHornbill NFT?

Yes, most definitely! You can sell them on

Can I use my MetaHornbill in the game (Net Zero) yet?
Not yet! We will announce it once they’re ready to use!

Will I know what my MetaHornbill(s) superpower is/are yet?

Not yet. Their superpowers are currently dormant 😎

Will I be able to use my MetaHornbill in AFIN’s next campaign?


How do I earn from owning a MetaHornbill NFT?

You won’t be able to as the game is not live yet, but you can sell them on

You can learn more about the MetaHornbills, especially their utilities on our NFT website and this medium article.

Learn more about Net Zero, our upcoming NFT game where your MetaHornbill will be accompanying you here.

About AFIN

AFIN Coin fuses two worlds — cryptocurrency and sustainability — and builds a platform for those who want to be ethical about the impact that they make while making financial gains. We are a cryptocurrency with a conscience. Our products include staking your AFIN coin and getting rewarded with bitcoin mined from clean energy, Green EV where we want to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of EVs, and rewarding Afinions with a Green NFT line for supporting our mission.

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AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability by mining Green Bitcoin.

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AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability by mining Green Bitcoin.

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