Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

Asian Fintech Pte., Ltd exhibited at Malta (MBS) on 1–2 Nov 2018

It was a good time…To take advantage of blockchain & other innovation technologies from many exhibitors, developers, big businesses and visitors around the world that get a joining in Malta Blockchain Summit 2018.

Our project (Afin coin) is the one that bringing the level of quality project to get attention and know-well in this industry. We think about more flexible space of financial service and more convenient to payout..

Malta Blockchain Island, everyone speaks English that it makes the island very accessible. The financial services, gaming and the crypto industry have brought a very powerful mix of business people to the island — Oliver La rosa

Asian Fintech Pte.,Ltd at booth 78 — MBS

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Remote Mining Company Will Offer Credit Card Sized Cold Storage Crypto Devices

Asian Fintech Pte., Ltd (ICO) The Diverse and Powerful Utility Token with Co-Blockchain (Afin coin)

Mr. Gai Nanthana , Project Director with BloxTV channel

Seamlessly Launch: ERC20 , Stellar Protocol

Accept funds in: BTC, ETH, USD, TN

Full KYC (AML/CFT) by VeriME KYC provider

Asian Fintech (Afin) provide online business platform for various business entrepreneurs and companies and bring them on Blockchain platform to applications for business platforms in those fields..