Minting for a Cause: 10% of minting proceeds will be donated to Hornbill Foundation Research

We are delighted to announce that we are donating 10% of our NFT sales to the Hornbill Foundation Research.

2 min readMar 8, 2022


AFIN’s MetaHornbills

At AFIN, one of our brand values is that we’re a changemaker. We go out of our way to contribute to shaping a green future for the next generation — that includes protecting and preserving endangered animals.

Our first NFT collection features the majestic Hornbills that we fondly called the MetaHornbills. Hornbills are the farmers of the forest and their freedom comes at a cost as they’re an endangered species in Asia due to hunting and habitat destruction [i]. Some of the species are very rare and only a few are left in this world such as the Helmeted Hornbill — which is classified as critically endangered [ii].

Donating 10% of AFIN’s NFT Sales to Hornbill Foundation Research

We are committed to ensuring the longevity of the Hornbill species and we are donating 10% of our NFT sales to the Hornbill Foundation Research.

The Hornbill Research Foundation was created by the faculty of science, Mahidol University in 1993 after a project that was initiated to research into the ecology of Hornbills. [iii]

Their objectives include:

  • To continue and expand with further research initiatives into hornbills and related topics
  • To disseminate information on forest and the wildlife within them to the public
  • Develop interest in and encourage the study of natural ecosystems among scientists, researchers, students and school children
  • Set up a centre for the exchange of information and training in research into hornbills at both national and international levels
  • To work for the good of the public or co-operate with other nonprofit-making institutions for public benefit
  • Not to be involved with any political activity

You can read more about them on their site here.



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AFIN Coin fuses two worlds — cryptocurrency and sustainability — and builds a platform for those who want to be ethical about the impact that they make while making financial gains. We are a cryptocurrency with a conscience. Our products include staking your AFIN coin and getting rewarded with bitcoin mined from clean energy, Green EV where we want to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of EVs, and rewarding Afinions with a Green NFT line for supporting our mission.

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