Run to Win: The first Net Zero Game contest is live!

We have recently started the public sale for our #MetaHornbill Eggs happening in our playable NFT game demo, Net Zero, which is set in our green metaverse, Planet AFIN. We are all excited to welcome you into the Biosphere, located in the heart of Nirand Forest.

Did you also know that our infinite running game is also accessible from the Biosphere? Our latest contest will be held there and you will be competing for the prize pool of 6BNB!

Read on 👇

Net Zero: Infinite Running Game

A preview of the Infinite Runner Mode.

You may already get the chance to explore and walk around the Biosphere after you successfully minted the #MetaHornbill eggs. The Biosphere is one out of two of the playable modes in our upcoming game, Net Zero.

The second mode, the Infinite Runner demo is currently accessible from the landing page, as well as the Biosphere. Set around the trails surrounding the Biosphere called the Nirand Forest trails, you also enter the game as Max Hunter (just like in the Biosphere).

1) From Landing Page:

Click the “Running Game” and it will directly bring you to the game itself.

Accessing the Running Game from the Landing Page

2) From the Biosphere:

After you finished minting (or even before you minted), head towards the pier in the game and you will be teleported to the Running Game.

Accessing the Running Game from the Biosphere

So how does the MetaHornbill come in handy?

The MetaHornbill descends from a great species of Hornbills that are each equipped with unique power boosts that you can harness in the running mode. No two are alike, and the rarer they are, the more advanced their power boosts would be.

Note: As this is just a game demo, the demo MetaHornbills that are featured before the running game starts are just a sample of how you can choose your MetaHornbill and how their different power boosts would work!

The Nirand Forest Run: Win the Prize Pool of 6 BNB

While your MetaHornbill Eggs are incubating and waiting to hatch, we’d like everybody to run and compete in the Nirand Forest Run with a twist.

Your in-game distance score will be enhanced with the amount of eggs you have as bonus scores! Each egg will reward you with a 10% bonus score (1 Egg) up to 50% (5 Eggs).

Note: You are allowed to mint an unlimited number of the MetaHornbill Eggs but the bonus score will only be applicable for the first 5 Eggs you minted.

Details below 👇

The Prizes

🥇 1st place: 3 BNB
🥈 2nd place: 2 BNB
🥉 3rd place: 1 BNB

Consolation Prizes:
🎖 4th to 5th place: 2000 AFIN (each)
🏅 6th to 10th place: 1000 AFIN (each)

To Compete:

  • In order to compete, you MUST have at least 1 MetaHornbill Egg in your wallet so you can submit your score
  • Make sure you connect your wallet after you finish running in the game to submit your score to the leaderboard
  • You must screenshot your score and share it on Facebook or Twitter
  • Tag us @AfinCoin and @NetZero_game on Twitter OR @AfinCoin on Facebook and include #NetZeroRuntoWin in your caption
  • Rank in the top 10 for a chance to win!

Contest Rules:

  • Players that tampered with their scores (photoshopping, editing, etc) will be disqualified
  • Winners’ wallets will be verified to make sure that the Eggs are still in the wallet. If the Eggs are not available, the player will be disqualified
  • All players that are competing must follow all the contest requirements above (including screenshotting) in order to be considered
  • Make sure you are following both accounts (@AfinCoin and @NetZero_Game) and use the hashtag to be considered


The competition will run from May 5th, 2022 (9PM GMT +7/2PM UTC) until May 15th, 2022 (12AM GMT +7/5PM UTC).

Winners Announcement

We will announce the winners on May 17th, 2022 and the prizes will be shared 3 days after the announcement.


Can I play more than once?
Yes! Our leaderboard will only register the highest score.

Can I submit more than one score?
Yes! Our leaderboard will only register the highest score and we will only consider your highest score.

Can I connect more than 1 wallet?
Yes, but we only allow 1 person to win 1 prize. We reserve the right to limit the prizes so more of our community members can enjoy the prize pool!

I got the top score but I sold my Eggs before the Winners' Announcement.
You will instantly be disqualified as we require all our players to still hold their Eggs in their wallets for their score to be considered.

Can I play the game on my mobile phone?
Not yet! Right now, the game is only available on the desktop.

We know you have what it takes to compete in the run and rank in the Top 10! Now is the time to explore the Nirand Forest trail and win! You have until May 15th, 2022 to compete. Break a leg, harness the power of the MetaHornbills, and have fun!

You can learn more about our game, Net Zero here and the MetaHornbill NFT here.

About AFIN

AFIN Coin fuses two worlds — cryptocurrency and sustainability — and builds a platform for those who want to be ethical about the impact that they make while making financial gains. We are a cryptocurrency with a conscience. Our products include staking your AFIN coin and getting rewarded with bitcoin mined from clean energy, Green EV where we want to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of EVs, and rewarding Afinions with a Green NFT line for supporting our mission.

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AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability by mining Green Bitcoin.

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AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability by mining Green Bitcoin.

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