On disappointment and how to live with it..

( specially for my husband Nikro)

I want to say that to all who have been disappointed in their hopes last few days, most of our hopes will be a disappointment, because they’re the sign that we have not used our energy and time properly to make the change “true” not a “crushed hope” …

One day does not justify our hopes become true, we’re not 6 years old children making tantrums I want that candy now and the universe will freak out and give us what we want so we’ll stop screaming, we’re on our own here…The only thing now I want all of us to do is to stop crying but grow up and think. No one has to give us what we want or assume it has to be shared by others “because it’s common sense”.

People have their reasons You Know They Do! And who are we to hate and judge? It does not make us better it just makes us just like everyone else, stubborn and selfish, hurt, disappointed and helpless…

These few days should teach us so much…

People will believe black is white if you post it every single day on their facebook wall.

No one is wasting their time to make sure what they believe is true, people believe things not because they’re true or common sense or good for everyone else. People believe because they are afraid, because it matches their feelings, because it makes them feel good, because they hate.

It’s easy to make people cry and is hard to make people laugh…

All comes with a price.

Everyday life that we enjoy is a result of centuries of fights and sacrificed lifes for the cause with hope that all of it in future will be a better time. Everything we have, just look around, respect, equality, opportunity, comfort, safety, peace…

I know we all feel that we don’t have that but we really don’t know what we have, just open a random book from even 100 years ago and imagine yourself in that time and suddenly the reality becomes our nightmare. I’m not saying today is perfect, I’m saying we need to take a moment and to appreciate the effort generations gone through to give us what we have today, and we are working even harder today, maybe not that hard as we could, not in our full potential but still, we do strive to make our future a better place.

What to do now?

Certainly not to despair or hate…

I know it’s easier that way, but really, do you want to continue your selfdistruction and continue making us more and more a bitter and hateful people?

There is always a way to deal with a problem, no matter how bad it is, we still can do something about it.

  • Accept the existence of the problem
  • Have a resolution not to be passive blaimer but to be an active solver
  • Asses the situation
  • Think of solution
  • Get help
  • Start solving it

I must warn you, a big problem that touches every person in your country or in the world is not one day task, but if you instead of spending your time on complaining how bad and stupid people are to others, just say that there is another way, there is a way of positive thinking and even this little speech can become a disease that could spread through entire planet and make people more effective in solving big or small problems.

How we actually can solve a problem big like that?

  • Learn why it happend
  • Understand how to solve it
  • Organise
  • Inspire

It’s so easy to be divided in our little comfy bubbles and hate each other, but this does not solve anything.

We need to care enough to understand why people believe in different things why they make their decisions, why they do certain actions. When we understand that we won’t judge anymore we just are empowered to help people to overcome their obstacles.

One belief does not come just like that it’s carved in us by our experience, our weaknesses and information we’re exposed, so if a person believes certain way is not just for one reason.

And if we want to change that belief, we’ll need to approach it as addiction treatment it’s hard and is not guaranteed. But as history proves, the boldest and most insistent had power to make change and shape future. And today is no different for something to change is not enough for you to believe in it, it has to be shared with those who doesn’t which means there are two ways, impose by force which never gave lasting result and conviction.

If you want to make a change think how you really can make it true, then do something about it not for one day but every day a little, then someday your hope will deserve to become true, and if not at least you’ll know you have done everything for it and there is no one to blame.

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