I've drafted this ages ago on Twitter and could never find the right time to actually finalise this but fuck it. So here it goes.

Most of the time, I try to not be an ignorant person though a lot of people I'm close to would know I'm blithely insensitive in private. But in general, I know that there are injustices that are happening e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia. Yeah, you could say I'm kinda liberal in that sense. Do I speak out about it? I try to. But here's the thing. By trying to, I meant trying to instil some form of awareness without being an asshole.

I believe that when you're trying to convince people, you shouldn't shove a certain opinion down their throats. Chances are, they wouldn't be convinced but victimised. And this might be heavily biased because I'm using anecdotal evidence but I never realised how there are people who engage in social activism that bullies individuals through scrutinising & constantly claiming that one is 'wrong'.

A few months ago, while scrolling through Twitter, there was a Malaysian who said that in the United States, they value free speech unlike Malaysia. Now, I can't recall what she was referring to but I assume it was related to the alleged embezzlement that was happening at that time and how The Edge newspaper had been suspended. She was basically comparing how there's more freedom of speech in the U.S.A. than Malaysia. That was the only thing she said. And in a way, it is true though the States is ranked 46th on the World Press Index.

Here's when things got weird for me. Another Malaysian replied to her and said that it only applies to white people and that the minorities are silenced. What follows after is a long mess of replies that I don't really want to dwell into. The respondent also had backup from other activists.The original person who tweeted tried to rebut by saying that she had lived in the States for some period of time and that she has never experienced any forms of racism for her freedom of speech but alas, she is shunned because she does not speak on behalf of other races. Well, she was giving her account of her life in the States. She was basically comparing the freedom of speech. In no way did she intend to bring up the topic of race. Was she supposed to put asterisks in her tweet? Why? Why was she dragged into a race argument that she didn't even intend to? Is she responsible to speak out on it? Why was the issue of race even brought up?

It really made me go "Wow, what the fuck. What kind of thought process?"

But hey, who cares, at the end of the day she is 'blinded by privilege' which is why she fails to see or understand the point the activists are trying to make /s. For them it was education but for the original author of the tweet, it was punishment.

Honestly, as much as I vouch for social media activism, I don't condone extremism. I don't understand why there must be a witch hunt especially when none of this even makes any sense. I guess this is why I don’t really speak out on social activism on Twitter compared to real life. Hell, I might be wrong on all of this. Maybe she did talk about race and I fail at comprehension. Educate me. I'm off to bed.

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