Can Computers Think?

Photo Credit: Oh The Humanity Blog

Computers can’t think. They are not human. Computers can’t think by themselves without help.Computers don’t have a brain and therefore can’t think, merely follow instructions from someone who can. If computers could think, they would be able to program themselves and learn. Some may argue that computers can “learn” people’s tendencies and patterns, but this is only because they are using an algorithm programmed into them by humans. With no algorithm they would just be guessing and not have logical thoughts, like a human. Logical thought can only come from a conscious person, not a computer. This shows us that what happens in the movies can’t happen; robots can’t take over the world until they have a more advanced computer in them that can think. Now, others may argue that computers can think because they can talk to humans, like Siri. But in actuality, Siri can’t think. It can only interpret what people say, then say a pre-programmed sentence to answer. This could be substantial because some people may believe that Siri is like a real assistant, and can answer any question when actually, it can’t. Even though it seems that Siri is thinking when you ask it about the weather, really it’s just finding the answer online and speaking it. Computers can’t process complex information by themselves, or program themselves, so until that happens, computers can’t think.