React Native vs Flutter

In this article, I will explain the difference between React Native and Flutter.

React Native :

> A framework for building Native Applications using React.
> March 2015, F8 Conference.
> Created by Facebook.
> Programming language with Javascript.
> React Native binds to the OEM’s UI widgets by translating React Components into their native counterparts.
> React Native will use React Native Components which will be converted to their respective Native Components to create a view.
> Advantages :
- Stability (5+ years on the market) .
- Many successful, prominent market players using React Native.
- Mature, vast community.
- Easy-to-learn technology.
- Plenty of tutorials and libraries, which allow quick and easy development.
- Code can be easily reused for both Web App and Desktop App Development.

Flutter :

> A portable UI toolkit for building Natively-Compiled Apps Across Mobile, Web and Desktop from a single Codebase.
> December 2018, Google I/O.
> Created by Google.
> Programming language with Dart.
> Flutter chooses to go lower level and implement their own rendering engine on top of Skia.
> Flutter uses widgets to draw and control all interactions with the UI that it creates.
> Advantages :
- Great look and feel thanks to rich widgets.
- Rapidly growing community and popularity.
- Excellent documentation with strong support form the Flutter team (which makes it easy to start Developing with Flutter).
- Improving Flutter for Web, offering the potential for one Codebase Across Mobile and Web Platforms.




Mobile Developer — React Native Developer

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Afiyatna Nursita Fauzan

Afiyatna Nursita Fauzan

Mobile Developer — React Native Developer

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