How to build a web app that can grow your email list by 100k

Since first posting this, I’ve finished the course! Sign up here. It’s free:)

I spent the last year and a half learning how to code and I got started building my own apps in just 30 days.

A few years back I came across an article by Tim Ferris about Harry’s Shave Club and their huge prelaunch campaign where the gained over 100k new email addresses in just one week.

In the article they walk you through step by step how they went from 0 to 100k email subscribers. Their viral growth relied on a Ruby on Rails application that included a splash page for capturing emails and a referral page where user were given a unique referral link to share with their friends. The best part is that they open sourced all of their code so that anyone can copy the campaign for their product.

I’ve always wanted to build the app and the mega maker challenge inspired me to go for it. I spent last weekend figuring out how to spin up and customize the application.

I’d gotten a call from a client looking to launch a new footwear brand called TWEAK (If you want to earn some kick ass free shoes click the link).

It’s a really cool startup with a business model that’s completely new to the footwear industry (can’t share too much yet:). We’ll be launching the new website this weekend but for now, go checkout TWEAK, share and earn free shoes.

Using a viral landing page can exponentially grow your user base and email list. We followed Tim’s article almost to the letter. We launched their campaign this morning and are already seeing A TON of traffic. The really interesting thing about the strategy laid out is that they started with just emailing a customized email template to friends and family the day that they launched.

I’m an educator and an entrepreneur. I love helping others gain new skills. Now that I’ve been able to build the app for my self and my client, I’m going to build a screen cast series teaching others to do the same. You can sign up and checkout what you’ll be learning to build here.

In my next post I’ll share more details about the results of our prelaunch campaign as well as what I’ve learned by going through the process. Hopefully, this will help you when you decide to launch.

Happy Making!

P.S. If you have any questions or are trying to spin this app up now for a project and need help, just tweet me. Happy to talk.