The Anti-Social Network

What does it mean to really connect with each other?

In 2011 Concept-21, compiled a trend report for the outdoor and athletics industries for the years leading up to 2015. Its interesting to see where we have come in the four years since the report was written. This excerpt particularly sparked our interest and we are curious as to what you think:

An Instantaneous Society
Our society has grown accustom to seeing results fast. Has all this “instant gratification” resulted in our inability to be patient with one another?

Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages are all disguised as enhancing communication. However, they are increasing isolation and eroding community.

This is leading us to actually be Anti-Social. We have buddy lists, we have our Facebook friends, we dialogue with our favorite blogs, we read and respond to hundreds of emails a day. Most of us are always “on” whether on our computers or our smart-phones. But is any of this being truly connected? Is all this “connectivity” really about erecting barriers to what would be considered “real connectivity” “community?” (Two or more people have a chat, face to face, in real time).

Electronic connectivity feels very different. It’s communication by relay; it defers rather than facilitates conversation. It allows us to filter the information with which we are bombarded with everyday, enabling us to decide what and when we’ll pay attention, and potentially respond.

If this continues, as it is doing now, our brains will make genetic bonds to think of electronic connection as a positive and fulfilling, when in reality it will be resulting in the opposite effect.
An Anti-Social Movement

We are on a fast pace to create a society of Voyeurism. We are constantly being reminded of this by online sites such as Facebook and the latest reality television shows. We get our laughs in the form of reality video improvisation on YouTube and QQ. Technology has made it easier to feed our enjoyment of voyeurism to the extent that it has become an obsession.

Today, many of us spend too much time on our laptops and in front of our televisions (I’m guilty of this). In reality, this is a fantasy world. It’s a world that individuals create and observe, not experience.

At C21Accelerator we’re asking ourselves, “How do we transcend to a real life experience?

Today, in 2015, it is true that we are being bombarded with technology. Our screens act as a constant distraction from the “real world”. I believe people are really waking up to the idea that we are overexposed by it and in some cases even rebelling against it. Infact, I have several friends who have deleted their Facebook profiles and have attended parties where phones were left at the front door.

I am optimistic that as technology matures, it will better integrate with human nature and the human psyche. That is why my firm is searching for startups who address these challenges by building solutions via, products, services, or apps. We believe that a shift toward true, quality, face-to-face connection with friends and the outdoors is upon us.

What do you think? What are some of your pain points related to this topic?

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