We all know those people. The mindful ones. The one who walks through life at peace, in the moment — virtually unshakeable. They stop to smell the roses. They take everything in with a smile. While also juggling multiple career demands, tiny humans, and an endless to-do list. All while making it look easy. You just wonder how they do it all. You envy them. You hate them. And yet, you want to be like them. Yeah, me too.

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m not mindful, but boy, do I want to be. And I need it — in a bad way. But who has time to read the 100+ new age mindfulness books that have hit the shelves. Sure, I buy them but when am I supposed to read them? In my “spare time?”

I’m humbled to be a leader at one of the fastest-paced IT companies in the world, while managing a demanding family & household, never finding the end to my to-do list. Let’s add on that I’m about to get married — no pressure.

In an effort to keep my sanity while being a great boss, co-worker, spouse, mother and friend, I’m starting a 60-day mindfulness challenge. Every day I will post about a new technique that takes less than 60 seconds to complete to keep me grounded and accountable. Despite being way too busy, we all can spare 60 seconds a day — especially if it means better relationships, focus, and less stress. If you’d like to join me in this journey, I’ll be posting on Twitter @A_L_Flanagan with #MindfulMinuteChallenge. Join me and we’ll smell those roses together.

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