Rewarded Video Mediation with MobLyft

About MobLyft

MobLyft is a monetization platform that connects app developers with the leading non-rewarded and rewarded video and interstitial ad networks, ad exchanges, DSPs, and direct advertisers through a single lightweight SDK.

Why consider rewarded video for monetization?

Rewarded video is considered a nonintrusive, high-engagement ad format that generates higher revenue for app developers. Compared to other ad formats, such as banner ads, static interstitial ads, or even traditional video ads, the rewarded video ad format generates higher eCPMs, user retention, engagement, overall user lifetime value, and higher revenue for app developers.

Rewarded video ads drive higher eCPMs because the format is not “skippable” — the users must watch the video in order to get a reward. Advertisers are becoming more acquainted with rewards videos and are willing to pay premium prices for them because rewarded video ads are less interruptive, and the advertiser pays only for ads that people actually watch and not skip.

What is rewarded video mediation?

MobLyft mediation manages different ad networks, advertisers, and demand partners with one dashboard and SDK. MobLyft’s real-time machine-learning algorithms ensure that the highest paying ad is being served to help you generate higher revenue for your inventory.

Why use MobLyft ad mediation for rewarded video?

MobLyft ad mediation takes all the headaches and hassle out of mediating multiple rewarded video ad networks and takes care of maximizing revenue for app developers.

Here are the benefits of using the MobLyft platform to generate higher eCPMs and fill rates for rewarded video:

Mediation Partners:

MobLyft partners with the leading rewarded video ad networks to help app developers maximize ad revenue using the MobLyft platform. Our growing list of mediation partners includes:

● AdColony

● Amazon

● Applovin

● ChartBoost

● Facebook

● Inmobi

● Mopub

● NativeX

● Smaato

● Supersonic

● Unity Ads

● Vungle

Using the MobLyft platform, app developers can select which ad networks to include the MobLyft custom SDK to maximize your ad revenue. Downloading and integrating the MobLyft SDK into your app with your selected ad networks will take less than 10 minutes.

MobLyft Exchange Demand Partners:

MobLyft has direct relationships with the leading global demand partners and advertisers to help app developers generate higher revenue for your inventory.

Our demand partners compete with different rewarded video ad networks to create higher competition for your inventory and help you yield higher eCPMs and revenue.

One single lightweight SDK:

The MobLyft SDK gives app developers full control. Our android SDK is less than 300KB in size, and our IOs are less than 1.5MB.

Getting started with MobLyft

MobLyft allows app developers to focus on building great games and apps, while we partner with the leading advertisers and demand partners to help them generate higher revenue for the apps you create.

Here’s how to get started.

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