An Idea for the Press

So here’s an idea. At the next two or three press conferences, the reporters all agree to ask Trump nothing of substance. And to be very obvious — although casual — about it. Ask him about the dress Melania wore when she was last on camera. Ask him his grandkids’ favorite toys. Ask if he saw the latest Wizards game. Ask if he’s enjoying the food at the White House.

At first he’ll be happy that no one is criticizing him, and everyone is asking his opinion. After a while, though — this may take two or three press conferences — he will begin to suspect that no one cares what he thinks about actual issues. THIS WILL CRUSH HIM. He will get very angry. He will DEMAND that reporters ask him about economics and natural security. “ASK ME WHAT I THINK ABOUT IMMIGRATION, DAMMIT!” he will shout. To which the most mild-mannered of reporters should reply, “That’s okay, Mr. President, we already know how you feel about it. If you ever change your mind, just give us a tweet.”

It doubt this will change the amount of information we get from the White House one bit, because Trump doesn’t give useful answers to questions now, anyway. If he’s going to ramble on about how great he is, he may as well do it while talking about his quest for a better brand of scotch in the White House limousines.