Midnight (Guest Writer): SWITCHED (The chronicles of a psychotic man)


Transfixed I mumbled
I look a plastic doll alive
adrenaline surges inside
neural networks jammed.

I stare skywards in hope
thro’ the ceiling to the stars
groping for my future woes
… but they seem to be past,
maybe my mind is weak
from the paralyzing electric.

The sky blended roof-wards
my arms gaining power
as they reached upwards
to palpate for my stars
… yet one sweet illusion
I hoped wasn’t deception.

Then my heart fluttered
as the anaesthesia wore out
“I am yet alive”, I stuttered
death always miles out
… from this ill no escape
to this fate my life’s taped.

I slowly disembarked
planting my feet on the floor,
on a new phase I’ll embark
beyond the theatre door
… life, death had betrayed,
in their limbo I strayed.

Cheerfulness oozed within

My forlorn face reshaped
I straightened my wrists
the outside world awaits
… to see a tamed beast;
I hope I do not return
to beg this electrocution.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Midnight — Tolu Fisuyi is a poet with an odd-colour painted mind but cheerful, thankfully. More poems by Midnight can be read on facebook.

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