Midnight (Guest Writer): SWITCHED (The chronicles of a psychotic man)


A walk on purple clouds
thro’ some pearly gate
a golden throne await
in bright white lights.

My switch seems broken
I could not tell how,
my sane circuit opened
… everyone seemed to bow
at my new found status,
people rallied like locusts.

I glowed like the sun
my woes lost in the heat
as I strolled ‘un-scorned’
thro’ suffocating streets
… none would dare whisper
of my lifelong disorder.

The lawns turned purple
and became clouds,
levitation was no trouble.
thro’ the ether I ploughed
… till my throne surfaced
angels minding the terrace.

But the air turned putrid
unsettling me at once,
stuffs crawled all over me
I couldn’t shake them all off
… the floors were gummy
making me look a dummy.

Reality quickly dawned

I have sleep-walked seemed it
making a home with worms,
my feet covered with shit
… clothes quickly succumbed
darkness for a substitute cover
until I got home under.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Midnight — Tolu Fisuyi is a poet with an odd-colour painted mind but cheerful, thankfully. More poems by Midnight can be read on facebook.

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