My Reflections on Andela’s EPIC Values

EPIC embodies the core principles at Andela. It’s the drive behind the success and development experienced.

E stands for Excellence

P for Passion

I for Integrity and

C for Collaboration

Excellence at Andela starts from taking initiative. Having a broad vision and the zeal to finish what you started.

One of the bedrock of this philosophy at Andela is striving to improve, be well informed and doing more than what is asked of me.

Making intentional use of every moment of my time, planning before acting, managing and resolving conflict are other traits I have come to realize I have to allow in me to prosper in whatever I do in life. A final note on excellence is respecting others.

At Andela, this is a culture and I believe it’s one of the things that makes it a great place to be.

Passion is the burning need/want that drives you to always show up no matter how hard things get.

At Andela, though I have only spent two days, I realize it’s the belief that setbacks are inevitable, and they won’t hold me from achieving my dreams.

Integrity is the third acronym in EPIC and acting with integrity means that I am honest, fair and just, sincere, reflective of my values and authentic.

Integrity is also to accept the responsibility to help others along their journey just as you were helped. This is key to development and it can’t be underestimated in any part of life.

The last but not the least is Collaboration.

At Andela, I have learned how to effectively collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and personalities, in order to achieve our goals. A better place for us to live.

Our sum is always greater and better than our parts. So, it’s a place where you are not looked down on even though you are not at the skill-set level with others.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Guidance is rightly provided. As well as support.

When you think about growth, I can confidently say it’s here at Andela.

This is my reflection on Andela’s EPIC values, I hope you find it interesting.

Kind regards.