To be able to connect with other human beings, with different backgrounds and cultures than yourself, is like a work of magic.. We human beings are so disconnected from one another, yet we could easily build bridges to connect, to demolish walls and barriers to communicate.. Effortlessly.. 
That’s one thing amoung many possible ways to connect.. to share, to talk and to explore others and one’s self again.. 
I am not sure if we were talking about news and informations or sharing pieces of us with each other.. 
Somebody who is not able to judge nor misunderstand -at least at first- this somebody who is open to talk about family and origines, traditions and religion, the east and west, the north and south.. books and movies, animations and series.. 
It was like traveling, heading to various destinations while walking, discovering others and watching your own reactions .. 
interesting beings are everywhere but whom might be interesting to you is as rare to find as diamonds! 
A connection, an acquaintance, a friend, whichever name you give to this being, this somebody who can keep you good company is a blessing.. you may disconnect on earth, on real life, but you shall be still connected there, in the dream land, the travel land, the wonderland, this kingdom of expectations and dreams.. your very own kingdom of tomorrow ..