To be fully alive, there is a to-do list to go through, to complete or not is not the point, there is no deadlines nor due times, we have a life time ahead, but the gifted life time comes with no exact length known before the end comes nor clear signs to keep us from being distracted from completing the to-do list.. 
As children, our parents do their best raising us up, preparing meals for us and getting us dressed up cleanly and beautifuly.. they teach us the basics and give us as much love as possible.. 
Then comes the periode when we have to survive on our own.. we live off our famillies or independently... lessons start to be taught to us differently.. we meet people, good and bad, interesting and uninteresting.. some accompany us for a while and others just come accross our road.. 
We succeed and fail, there are many ups and downs..
Then we get lost, inside or outside are the same, we have questions with no answers, so many questions hanging there unanswered! We get lost inside, we sink there, thinking answers are there somewhere.. 
It takes time, years to figure out that the most efficient method to look for answers is to go out.. to the sea or even the sky, to the mountains and valleys.. to see the sun and the moon, to look closely at the stars.. to see green and grass.. to get our hands unclean and our clothes untidy, to dress up with no order and to mix up colors with no human understanding.. to stand on rocks and trees.. to touch the soil, to get our noses to smell better, our eyes to look farther and our hands to explore .. 
Being lost inside is not always the right way .. 
Getting lost outside rarely went astray ..