Google Adwords fails, cultural exchanges, and lessons learned.

I’m all over the place this morning. The month of Google Adwords I ran for my first client was fruitless! It generated 18 unique leads and none of them turned into paying clients. Apparently, they all either never responded when they followed up on the lead, or they said “sorry we already found someone else”.

So I guess that’s that. The client spent $1,000 in ad spend, and I spent $500 on the contractor. I guess I’ve learned an expensive lesson. I had my hesitations about simply outsourcing everything. Did I really want to make a living connecting contractor to small businesses? I can also be a bit of a control freak so I don’t know how well I can delegate. In the future I should try to do things myself, at least at first. If and when I do delegate I should be a little more vigilant with who I choose as a contractor and make sure he has proven experience in my industry.

The guy I chose actually seems to know what he’s doing. He never worked with a tree service before but he has worked with several different service-based businesses with great success. I also knew him through the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator group, so it seemed like a good idea. I think this is more a reflection of how the client handles leads than the poor quality of the contractor.

The other issue was that we had to broader our target words and our locations we targeted to get enough traffic, which were both things the client wanted to avoid.

I think it’s time to move on from the tree service niche completely. They were already an impossible group to get on the phone, and no one wanted to hear about digital marketing. Now that I don’t have any results to be confident about, I’m not really sure how I would get a new client anyway.

So I will continue to focus on doing Facebook Ads for personal development coaches. Still waiting on all three of my free clients to record their audio so I can build it into the sales funnel and build their ads. So yeah, I’m kind of just waiting around right now.

A part of me feels like I’m stalling or I have accomplished nothing. But the other part of me knows I am on the right track and I just need to stay patient and keep faith in what I’m doing.

In other news, it’s my last full day in Brunei. For future reference, you probably don’t need to spend 5 nights here. It’s a beautiful and peaceful little country, but two nights will probably do. I did meet a couple of local girls who showed me around for the day. It was really awesome to spend time with people who come from such a different place — they’re muslims on the other side of the world from me. Yet they’re just people like everyone else. It’s so important to keep that in mind. Especially when the media paints muslims in a bad light. These girls are just as scared of ISIS as we are.

They showed me around to some local spots, and tolerated my sometimes probing questions about their life and culture. Everything is banned in Burnie including alcohol and cigarettes. But that didn’t seem to stop them from doing anything they can get their hands on. They were definitely a lot less conservative that I would have assumed. Maybe even looser than people in America. It’s like how they say Americans abuse alcohol because we can’t drink till we are 21. Well imagine if smoking, drinking, drugs, and public displays of affection were all entirely banned for life. Sure that would make some people conservative but it definitely turns others into little thrill seekers.

I’m glad that I met them and decided to hang out with them. You never know what you can learn from people when you just keep an open mind. It’s tempting when backpacking to find fellow backpackers to talk to, but it’s kind of silly if you think about it. You spent all this time and money to travel across the world just to talk to people who are already like you? Much better to spend some time talking to people from different cultures and learning what you can from them.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, there is always something you can learn. You should always find the lesson in a failure, but any social interaction can be a learning experience as well. What lessons have you learned lately? Where did you learn them?

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