Let’s be rational, can we?

I’m running a temperature, I’m delusional and that’s probably why I’ve finally plucked the courage to start my own blog. Random thoughts are spiraling faster than usual in my head, and I’m wondering at the quirkiness of the world and the irrationality of it all. And speaking of irrationality, are we even capable of being rational at all?. The notion of rationality is a matter of perception and the very fact that human beings are capable of differing perceptions, emotions etc, predisposes us to never being able to achieve true rationality. Same for civility. And a whole plethora of ideals that we seek to ascribe to but can be achieved mostly only by a dulling of our natural human instincts.

But where would we be if we hadn’t failed in this endeavor? Probably without the success we have achieved as the human race. For it is irrationality and downright stupidity that pushes us to explore the corners of our universe and the depths of our planet. To dream of building monuments that will tower above the clouds, and scoffing at science to push the limits of the human body.

So while we never be able to live up to Spock-like standards, I feel we are quite the better for it.

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