The Classroom Moved to Twitter for #Brandchat Today

Today at 11:00am ET, I participated in my first ever Twitter chat. For those who don’t know, a Twitter chat is a fast paced conversation among an audience who are all using the same #hashtag to talk about specific topics. The purpose of #Brandchat is to create a platform for participants to provide:

· Insights

· Case studies

· Questions

· Thoughts

· Challenging conversations

This platform allows the cultivation of deep, thought provoking conversations among a diverse audience. During this week’s #Brandchat, the topic was Brands and PR nightmares. I was intrigued to participate in this topic because almost all brands have had a PR ordeal at one point or another.

Each week there are questions posted before the chat on, so that you can prepare yourself. There were 6 questions for this week along with links to 7 articles. The 3 questions I liked the most were:

1. List the brands that have had the biggest PR nightmares of all time (not just 2017)?

2. Some say all PR is good PR. Your thoughts?

3. What’s your advice on how brands can prevent/avoid PR nightmares?

The chat started with everyone introducing themselves, and my #UFSMM peers were there to represent! After introductions, the moderator introduced each question individually followed by time for the #BRANDidos (the term #Brandchat uses to refer to people participating in the chat) to answer them.

In response to question 3 above, Matt LaCasse (@MattLaCasse) responded, “Opt for transparency. Try to do the right thing. Don’t be a jerk. If you follow those three rules, you’ll do pretty well. #Brandchat” Matt is a social media marketing specialist and I loved learning these tips from him. I also agree that transparency is the best way to avoid PR nightmares.

I enjoyed participating in this chat because:

· There are people with different experiences (students, professionals, etc.)

· Opinions differ from person to person

· You get to learn from peers

· You can build a network

The exposure to information from varying sources and experiences gave me the chance to learn from their mistakes. As a future social media manager, I am thankful for this experience.

All in all, I have never felt an hour of my life go by faster. I was so intrigued and interested in this chat that it seemed like minutes had gone by. If you find yourself looking for something to do on Wednesdays at 11:00am ET, I definitely recommend checking out #Brandchat on Twitter.

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