10 things about me EDIT 🇺🇸


I live in Toulouse since nine months now. I followed my boyfriend back to his birth region. I took time to discover my new city and I love it. More sun, more smiles. I sometimes miss my region (Lyon, France), but it’s good to start again.


I can speak in three languages : French, English and Spanish. I try to learn a new one, Japanese but i still have not got over the alphabet.


I am crazy about fashion and my absolute big dream is to cover all the fashion weeks for a big magazine or even for my own one. A girl can dream !


I sing under the shower as if I was MC (Mariah Carey). But, that’s the point, I’m not her…


I have a three year old Jack Russell named Jacky (or Bichou, Choupinou, Choupi, My baby, Monsieur Truffe, Donut, La peluche, Roudoudou). And he is the other love of my life.


I adore white pearls. Necklaces , bracelets, rings… everything with pearls is my thing.


I start a new diet every Monday morning and stop it on every Wednesday.


I am addicted to woman magazines, paper press and books. I can’t use digital books because it is just not the same thing. The only moments we are not obliged to use a screen, sometimes it is nice.


My fashion idols are Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Inès de la Fressange and The Queen of England. Yes, I’m serious about the Queen, I really love her style!!


I post since a long time. My first fashion blog was like 10 years ago called Frenchfashionista. I changed the name for Mémoires d’un Dressing (Memories of my closet). And then I stopped posting. Because I though that my posts were not enough qualitatives and too rare. This time corresponds to my college years (language degree)… too much homeworks. 
 Then I started another blog, an illustrated one called Mya, c’est Moi! (It’s me, Mya). But after that I had a surgery on my right arm and since I am right-handed, I could not draw for weeks. So I had to stop… again.

But I can’t stop writing and blogging. I just love doing it!!

So my new page A French Accent is the right one! I rediscovered my passion for fashion, and advising other girls, speaking to people everywhere, sharing our love of beautiful things and nice places to visit. I am very proud to count you as my readers and hope that it’s the beginning of an amazing adventure!

xoxo M.

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