7 things you must know about… Carine Roitfeld.

Carine Roitfeld

#1 : Carine was born in 1954 in Paris. Her father, Jacque Roitfeld was a russian film maker who decided to settle in Paris. This is where he met Carine’s mother. We don’t know a lot about her mother except that she was a very classic french women.

#2 : Carine became a model after a british photograph assistant spotted her in a street of Paris. She struck the pose for several magazines and even was the cover girl for the teenage magazine «Low How ».

Carine Roitfeld when she was modeling
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#3 : The fashion world attracted her very early but being a model was not enough. She preferred to write and to analyse the trends. She became a journalist for the magazine Elle and later a stylist for the same magazine.

#4 : In 1986, while she was with her daughter Julia on a photoshoot for the Italian Kid Vogue, she met the photograph Mario Testino. This meeting is a real turning point in her carrer. Later she will work with him for photoshoot and advertisements.

Famous photograph Mario Testino

#5 : this is during the same period that she became the muse and advisor of Tom Form. Another important meeting in her professional life. With Mario Testino and Tom Ford, the started an important collaboration to change the image of Gucci while Tom For was the artistic director of the italian brand. They invented a new artistic current named « the porno chic ». Porno Chic or « erotico chic » as Carine Roitfeld prefers to name it, is a new way to stage products in a commercial or people on a photoshoot on suggestive poses, almost on a erotic way in order to sell something or to capture the attention of an audience.

Example of a Gucci porno chic ad

#6 : in 2001, she accepts the offer made by Jonathan Newhouse, head of Conde Nast publications to become the new Editor in chief at Vogue France. Her very french freedom of expression and her uncommon cover girls choices as Paris Hilton or Kate Moss during her sulfurous times shows pretty fast that she is not afraid to hit new goals for Vogue. During her time at the most influential magazine, she will win the respect and the attention of all the main actors of the french and international fashion world. Some of them even started to see a real rival of her counterpart on the other side of the Atlantic ocean Anna Wintour. But Carine has always denied to covet this even more influential job.

Paris Hilton cover firl for Vogue France

#7 : However, this is on Anna Wintour territory that she settled after her resignation at Vogue in 2011. Her new projects leaded her in New-York where she decided to elaborate a new publication named after her initials : CR Fashion Book. This magazine is a new way to apprehend fashion on a more artistic and more worked way because the creation and redaction of each edition takes six months to deliver a real piece of art.

Last CR Fashion Book cover with Lily Rose Depp

If you want to know more about the elaboration of the very first issue of CR Fashion Book, I advise you to watch the documentary made by Fabien Constant untitled Mademoiselle C. We are able to follow Carine in her international business trips, on stage of photoshoots and on her endless meeting until the big launch of the fist issue of her new project. We also can see her more privately, while she learn to be a grand mother with her new born grand daughter Romy.

One more bonus info : Carine never got married but she lives with the same man for more that 30 years now, the father of her two children Julia and Vladimir and creator of the fashion brand Equipment Christian Restoin.

Carine with her husband Christian and their two children Julia and Vladimir
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