More complicated than expected 🇺🇸

What is contemplation state?

This is the state of mind i’m in for a while now. That state that let you tell anyone who wants to hear that you are ready, this one is the right shot. That you are going to exercise again and eat super healthy to find your 20 year old body back (wait a sec, that’s only eight years ago…). But, despite of all these good intentions, the best will of the world and a boosted motivation, nothing happens. Why?

First of all, please put that Ben & Jerry down. Then, you may find yourself at the same point than I am. I mean contemplation state. You see yourself, like the Girl from Ipanema, walking on the beach of your next vacations on a sexy bikini, or buying a whole new wardrobe for your new hot shape. And, on the same time, you negotiate with yourself at the first tiny occasion to taste a bite of a chocolate bar (is anyone able to only take one bite??), or listening to your little lazy voice in your head telling you « we already have been to the gym yesterday, no need to go back this week ».

It is an everyday fight against ourselves.

What solutions to get out of that circle ?

Trap yourself : you can keep telling everybody that you are making efforts. Even if you expose yourself to mocking words like « from where did you loose weight this week? Ears ? Feet? ».

You can also consult a professional of nutrition that will be able to help you continue in the right direction. And their weighting scales always works better that ours, right? (come up and down your own , stop breathing, stop moving and still seeing the numbers changing… hmmm well, this is probably a world conspiracy).

Force yourself : yes, it is hard. Waking up earlier to go for a run or coming back home later to take time to exercise is really a hard thing to do when we are not used to. But that feeling, the one you feel after you end a session. You feel satisfaction, pride and well being. This is why you never regret after. We have to force ourself and keep going.

“ Decision taken : I am now keeping an eye on my diet ”

Plan and shop better : one of my main problem is that I am sooo lazy at night to prepare dinner and a lunch box for the day after. And, I actually work on a main street of a big city, offering me supermarket, one of the best Boulangerie of the town and lots of famous fast food names. So why bothering me preparing anything ? WRONG. Yes, I have a lot of choice around me, but I always make bad ones. I keep craving for too much sugar, too much salt, too much everything. Whereas, if I already had my healthy home made lunch box with me, I wouldn’t have to enter in a supermarket while I am super hungry (never ever do that) and choose bad stuffs. I would eat better, spend less, ans feel no guilt.

I really am wondering how crazy I am to know all that tips and not applying them yet. A better life is right at the corner and I will find it.

Meanwhile, I keep trying, day after day, to get out of that situation of contemplation to end at a place where I will contemplate myself with pride.