To make it easy for you and to spread cheer, we have compiled all our activities and plans we hope to achieve this month as we tick all the boxes.

Secondly, a monthly schedule helps us keep track of all our activities.

On our Telegram space

PS. The following events are all weekly events.

1. Most active contestants. This contest will last for the whole month as plans are being rolled out to reward our top 10 most active members in the online community with mouthwatering prizes of $100 AURORA. This cash price will be shared varying on the individual stats.

To qualify, you must keep the rule of keeping conversations educative, and topics must be majorly on Aurora and topics related to Aurora.

2. Wednesday AMAs:

Time: 8pm UTC+1, every Wednesday.

Our Wednesdays are special days and are dedicated to events such as AMAs. These AMAs are strictly about projects built on Aurora.

Participants or attendees can set the odds to their favor as they will be rewarded 5 points for each AMA event attended.

For October alone, we have created a reward pool of $200 AURORA tokens for the top 20 members.

To qualify and win, you must attend all the AMA events for this month from start to finish. If you don’t meet this criterion, you’ll not qualify to win 5 points.

3. Thursdays Quizzes:

Time: TG quiz is every Thursday 8pm UTC+1

Our Thursdays will be mainly cerebral as we will design quizzes and tests to gauge your knowledge about Aurora. For this, we have created a reward pool of $100 Aurora for 10 winners.

To qualify, you must not answer multiple times or give multiple answers in each quiz session. Secondly, you are prohibited from editing your answers.


Time: Every Saturday by 12 pm UTC +1

Saturday is unique because you get the opportunity of learning the programming language of Aurora free of charge!

For our Twitter Space

PS. The following events are all weekly events.

This event is to help build the partnership of both communities and increase adoption from both ends.

The Twitter space has a reward of $100 AURORA tokens pool for lucky winners. The event details are as the photo below.

Time: 8pm utc+1, every Friday.

Fridays are for tests. And, these tests will be limited to gauging your knowledge about DEXs on Aurora.

A reward pool of $100 Aurora is created for 10 winners who will emerge by the end of October.

Quick facts about our points system

Distribution of the reward — How it works

A total reward pool of $500 Aurora has been created to reward members for October alone. If you play your cards well, you stand a chance to win cash prizes.

A. For the TG AMA, a reward of $200 was allocated. And this reward will be shared among 20 lucky winners.

B. The reward for Twitter tests is $100. This reward will be distributed to 10 awardees.

C. For the TG quiz, the monthly reward is $100 for 10 people.

Want to be one of the lucky winners? It’s about time you rolled your sleeves now!


Aurora Africa is a regional guild that focuses on expanding the knowledge of Aurora in Africa.





Aurora in Africa. Doing same wonders with EVM on NEAR

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