4 Must-know Facts About The Arctic

Aurora’s mainnet was launched just the previous year. However, it has evolved to become an attraction magnet for tens and hundreds of dev teams to create a shade of different protocols by incorporating its concept into it.

Today, we will be discussing one of Aurora’s latest concepts in the ecosystem called “The Arctic”.

Fact #1

Arctic — What is it?

As stated earlier, Aurora’s ecosystem is ever evolving always coming up with new concepts. The latest is the Arctic.

What is it? We are glad you asked. The Arctic is simply Aurora’s newest or latest groundbreaking ecosystem-DEX.

It incorporates DeFi innovation into the makeup of Aurora in the form of veNFT and DLAMM. This system is hosted and supported by iZUMi Finance (Discretized Liquidity AMM), a system of technological know-how.

The goal of the Arctic is to boost and support the Aurora ecosystem’s capital efficiency. What more? The Arctic also improves Aurora’s deeper on-chain liquidity and DAO governance.

Fact #2

What is the role of Aurora?

It’s simple. As it is already a known fact, Aurora is NEAR’s EVM layer, built on cross-contract calls, that gives her users the ability to access new assets and more liquidity. This is possible because of NEAR’s technological superiority to scale cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

The reason behind the Aurora ecosystem’s recent growth is not farfetched! It’s noteworthy to know that there are over 100 projects and relayer nodes at present with

the next phase shining its light on DAO governance and how on-chain liquidity can be enhanced.

Fact #3

DLAMM — Discretized Liquidity AMM

Another groundbreaking innovation of Aurora in recent times is the Arctic’s Discretized Liquidity Automated Market Maker, known as DLAMM for short.

This DLAMM is nothing but a model that far supersedes other models when it comes to maximizing capital efficiency. It is even reported to be over 3000 times better than the widely and commonly used x*y=k AMM model for capital efficiency.

However, because the Arctic has more capital efficiency, it can attract more trading fees than usual and even a higher APR. All under the same TVL to support and attract more liquidity than usual.

More crucially the fact that Arctic can implement non-custodial limit orders based on DLAMM.

Thanks to Aurora’s excellent performance and scalability. This further infers that users can place orders to purchase tokens at a specific price without having to worry if there may be what is known as slippages or even front-run attempts or attacks at you.

Offering a completely decentralized and automated trading infrastructure with the well-known user experience of limit order exchanges would close the gap between CEX users and DEX traders.

Fact #4

The ecosystem of the Arctic — What is it?

The ecosystem is a commitment to mutual rewards that encompasses veNFTs airdrops and other Aurora projects.

These veNFTs are set aside to fund the early stages of all Aurora future initiatives.

The good news is that the $ARC rebate for Aurora’s gas fees will be purchased back with -10% of the DEX transaction fees. The goal is to assist traders in the Arctic to cut down on trading expenses.

On a final note

In summary, one of Arctic’s core missions is to take the lead in Aurora’s growth by incorporating the next-generation ecosystem-DEX in its operations to connect all of Aurora’s projects, enhance capital efficiency, and create deeper liquidity.

It’s no news that the Artic team is well-equipped to bring all of DeFi innovation to Aurora in the form or shape of veNFT and DLAMM. Thanks to the technical know-how of iZUMi Finance and the assistance of Proximity Labs (Discretized Liquidity AMM).


Aurora Africa is a regional guild that focuses on expanding the knowledge of Aurora in Africa.





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