The Scramble for Africa

In the late 1800's the invasion, occupation, and formal colonization of Africa began. European powers pillaged the continent of its people and natural resources. Guile and technical superiority enabled the conquest.

Fast forward 150 years, although there has been political decolonization a new form of pillaging is emerging. Data is the new gold. Africa’s relaxed privacy laws and the undervaluing of the commercial value of it’s data has not gone unnoticed by exploiters. Many non-African companies are setting up shop to provide Africa with much needed ‘IT infrastructure’, all the while pillaging Africa's data, the input into Learning Based AI. These same machines once refined will be on sale at premium to Africa.

History does not repeat it self it rhymes.

Lets take a closer look, yesteryear was free trade, today its Net-Neutrality, yesteryear it was merchants and missionaries, today its scientists and aid workers , Yesteryear it was roads,railways today its connectivity and fiber, yesterday it was precious resources today its data.

Africa wake up! do not allow yourself to be seduced by petty material objects. If you continue in this manner subjugation will continue.

Power to the people.