We’re Selling Koken
Todd Dominey

Sorry to say, but it seems that we, the users, are the fools in this game.
We are nothing but sheep, but we were kept from noticing that for quite some time until it’s getting so evident that it can’t be hidden anymore.

It’s always said, that we have to be thankful for everything that is free, but actually WE are also the ones that push your ideas forward to success by bug reports and continuing discussions (“we can’t reproduce that issue, can you provide more details…”), by spreading the word and by our enthusiasm for a piece of software that’s so promising…

At some point, actually as soon as your work got matured, you decide to implement a marketplace, which of course is great, and now we begin to love your work even more because we feel that by buying stuff, we are also buying small pieces of a guarantee that this thing will last for a longer time as a reliable basis for our own projects.

Then, some day, for one reason or another, you change your plans and decide to kick the whole thing. In favour of your families, your careers or whatever.

That’s why i call ourselves sheep.

Sorry, but i can’t say thank you as a farewell.


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