Why is Pure African Shea Butter Beneficial for You?

Summary: African Shea Butter is a great food for the skin and comes from the nuts of the Karite tree that grows in the wild regions of West Africa. Pure African Shea Butter is commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products.

Pure African Shea Butter is referred to as a super food for skin because it contains rich vitamins, such as A, C, E, F. It works as a sunscreen to your skin as it protects your skin from the UV rays being an ultimate anti-aging solution.

African Shea Butter contains vital nutrients and quintessential fatty acids important for collagen construction. Raw butter works as a healing material to many skin conditions such as wrinkles and blemishes, stretch mark during pregnancy, dermatitis, muscle fatigue and radiation care. Africa and the other countries have applied this off-white substance for many years to improve skin and hair.

Pure African Shea Butter

Use of Shea Butter

1. moisturizes the skin: The combination of fatty acids and natural vitamins in Shea butter nourishes and moisturizing the skin. It is a great remedy to prevent the dryness of the skin and restores the natural oils in the skin.

2. Reduces Inflammation: A study on the butter has found out that Shea butter has organic properties such as cinnamic acid, which makes it an anti-inflammatory substance. It possesses lupeolcinnamate which reduces skin inflammation and potentially provides skin mutations. This also works to prevent acne that comes regularly.

3. Skin Smoothing: Shea butter contains stearic, oleic, linolenic, palmiticacids that nourih and protect the skin from dryness. With a prolonged use of the butter, people experience skin strengthening and softening as well as reduces the wrinkles.

4. Lip Balm: Make your organic lip balm with Shea butter. Since can be stored at normal room temperature, you don’t have the trouble of using petroleum product at base to store it. Shea butter moisturizes the lips and the concentration of vitamin A and vitamin E present in the butter softens the skin and keeps it tender. To apply a rich natural ingredient as your lip balm, add essential oils or peppermint oil with the Shea butter to provide a natural moisturizing effect your lips.

5. Baby care product: Shea butter is gentle and non-toxic to massage the tender baby skin instead of olive oil. It is contained with high stearic acid substance that is similar to the fat that is already present in the skin. The butter can be used on the selective portion of the body such as knees, elbows, and cheeks that usually gets dry in the babies and adult children.

Author’s bio: The author is intending to mention the benefits of the African Shea Butter. If you are looking for best nourishment products for your skin, Pure African Shea Butter will be the best choice for you.