African Waist Beads For Girls Are The Perfect Fusion Of Tradition And Modern Style

Traditionally worn under clothes by African women, waist beads have plenty of traditional and spiritual significance. They have been used as a form of female adornment for centuries in African societies as well as beyond. Traditionally worn in a set of three, the modern styles have inspired women to try out more as well as fewer combinations. There are endless types and designs that can be tried on to flatter women of different ages.

One of the biggest misconceptions about African waist beads for girls is that only those who are skinny or those who have an absolutely thin or toned mid-riff should wear them. The fact is that women of all ages and dress sizes can perfectly carry them off and have been carrying them off for many years.

KROBO African Waist Beads — Assorted
KROBO African Waist Beads — Red & Tan

These beads hold many different meanings that are related to spirtiual symbolism, rites, protection, celebration and a lot more. They are even believed to possess healing qualities when they include stones. And they are called by different names in different regions.

  • A unique set of fashion jewelry for your body Unlike the mainstream necklaces, earrings, braclets or anklets, waist beads are absolutely unique. And the best part is that you can always wear them without actually having to show them off. Their healing powers or the very fact that they have such a cultural significance would ensure that you keep feeling more confident, as if you are donning a secret instrument of ancient spiritual magic! It doesn’t have to be true because just imagining such fascinating theories can give a boost to your self confidence at the subconscious level.
  • An stylish accessory for weight management Just like in olden times, waist beads for women can prove to be a simple way to keep your weight in check. If you keep wearing the beads all the time, then a slight increase in your waist size would be immediately noticeable as the beads would start to feel tighter around you, acting as a signal that probably, you should be exercising more or keeping check on what you are eating. In short, you don’t have to be doubtful about whether or not you are gaining a few extra pounts. The beads would automatically notify you in their own, subtle way.

These waist beads for girls are also an ideal gift option for the modern, fashion conscious women who love experimenting with their style through new kinds of accessories.

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