Blend the styles of the past and present by donning African waist beads for girls

Waist beads carry great cultural and spiritual significance. Traditionally worn under clothes by African women, they have been a part of cultures even beyond African societies. While they were commonly worn in sets of three, the modern take on these beads include a lesser or even a larger number with multiple combinations in terms of chains and charms. Considering the endless designs and types that are available, women of all ages can pick the ones they find most flattering.

African Waist Beads For Girls

African waist beads for girls have multiple meanings that revolve around spiritual rites, symbolism, celebration, protection charm and so on. Believed to be blessed with healing properties, these beads can be worn in combination with stones that also add to the healing effects. Interestingly, they also have been given different names in different places.

  • African beads and weight management
    In the past, wearing beads around the waist was seen as an easy and simple way to keep your weight in check. The moment the string of beads started to be too snug a fit, it was sign that the person wearing them needed to exercise more or tweak their eating habits. Wearing the accessory for that purpose today could also work the same way, because an increase in your waist size would automatically be felt as the beads would start to feel tighter around you. They offer a subtle and unique notification, and they serve their purpose well.
  • A unique fashion jewelry for the body
    Necklaces, earrings, anklets or bracelets have all become very mainstream over the centuries. Waist beads tend to stand apart because of their look and the intimate meanings that are associated with them. The latter serves as a nice conversation starter too. Besides, it is like embracing some part of ancient spiritual magic that you don’t always have to show off. The fascinating theories about the healing powers of the beads can actually make you feel more confident at a subconscious level. So, they can be worn at home all the time or only reserved for special occasions, flaunted with casual clothing or experimented with a lot of other accessories too, as and when you like.

The variety and uniqueness of African waist beads make them ideal for gifting too. So, it can be a nice souvenir or a birthday present for a special friend who would love a new addition to her accessory closet.

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