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Fostering transparency, open access and global dialogue in research are crucial to deal with local as well as with global challenges like the ongoing climate change. Practiced open science allows for more diversity in research output and the convergence of the global scientific community. We talked to Johanna Havemann and Justin Sègbédji Ahinon on how open science can overcome barriers and strengthen global and local knowledge communities at the same time.
We were talking with Johanna Havemann and Justin Sègbédji Ahinon

With currently 56 accepted submissions to AfricArXiv we have mapped those using to learn how the results connect by country, author, institution and subject.

You can as well select views such as entries with authors, or see those entries that have a focus on a specific African country. By clicking on the node of a country, e.g. Tanzania, you will see all studies that are set in Tanzania as well as Authors and their affiliations in Tanzania who submitted their work results to AfricArXiv.

Presented at the International Open Science Conference 2019 in Berlin. #osc2019

Transparency and open access in research are crucial to make the economy, medical services and thus society more effective and efficient. This applies to individual municipalities and regions within countries, nationwide, and ultimately also to the global society. The elephant in the room is evidently the ongoing climate change, as well as related global challenges and issues such as migration, environmental degradation, single nation economics, and conflict resolution. These topics are only partially separable; which is why transparent data collection and the utilisation of research results in our digital…

Several Open Access initiatives have emerged in Africa in recent years. Our own preprint repository is one of a few, including the francophone Africa research repository DICAMES, Projet SOHA which focuses on Open Science in Haiti and francophone Africa; together with a range of regional discipline-specific repositories. More can be found on a list curated by the International African Institute (IAI). African Journals Online (AJOL) maintain a list of African Open Access journals and UNESCO compiled an overview on the Open Access movement in Africa.

Both in Europe and Latin America principles have been postulated to achieve Open Access…


Open Access repository on Science in Africa for African scientists to share their research outputs

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