Africa XYZ is announcing funding for the training and professional integration of 30 million young African graduates each year with the support of investors and partners.

Africa XYZ is a pan-African multinational company headquartered in Rwanda that aims to create wealth and jobs for our billion population.

We operate in 28 African countries and support over 10,000 businesses across the continent in their growth and expansion.

We are building a network of 100,000 businesses across the continent through which these 30 million young graduates will be trained and gain initial work experience that will help them easily find high-quality work or acquire the entrepreneurial spirit and skills needed to start a business.

Our goal by the end of 2022 is to bring 1,000 engineers from around the world to Africa who will bring their expertise and help train and mentor these young graduates into the talent Africa needs to create the next generation of businesses and eradicate the jobs gap.

Let’s ensure a better future for Africa’s youth.

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Africa XYZ, is a pan-African investment bank that supports Giants 500 in their growth and expansion across Africa and beyond…