Diversity is a broken product in tech. FIX IT.
Bo Ren

Your article gave me courage to speak out and share some of my nightmares. I was working for a Fortune 500 company, I trained few new employees who were promoted to higher roles in other team after one year. In that particular company the rule was to work for one year and you can switch to different departments.

After one year when I applied for a different role, the manager asked me “Do you have our blessing?”. I worked there for two years, but anytime I would apply for another role either my manager or team would create hurdles for me. To certain last name there were always opportunities. My performance was top of all the team members. None of the team members, including the manager had a university degree. I believe my biggest drawback was my color and education background (bachelor of laws, Master in Human Rights). We had a new hire, she was a director’s niece. The team, lead including manager was not in favor of hiring her, but she had the edge. She was hired and her schedule was accommodated with her school. For one year I would see people promoted to hire positions and I was just waiting for the blessing from my Managers.

I believe my biggest drawback was my color and education we had two teams, I was trained on all accounts of both teams. There was an opening for a team lead position and I was happy as I was the only person with two years’ experience but they promoted a girl with 6 months experience. She became the team leader, Guess what Karma played its own move. In the next two months the company lost the biggest client. It does not require a rocket science, but giving a busy account to someone with only 6 months experience was the main reason. After this one day I received a call that my assignment was terminated. If I quote each and every discriminatory event over here, the readers will think I am not an easy person to work with. Now how my experience relates to this article, in my previous job I had an opportunity to see resumes of 15000 people. After seeing the resume I would easily predict the chances of getting hired by different companies.

I have a 7 years plus experience in Search Engine Optimization. Now I will share my interview experiences. I applied to nearly all the companies in Michigan. My first interview was with a product manager and director. I was shocked to find out that none of them knew the character limit on Twitter. No offer for SEO position from that interview. Second Interview an energy provider. They wanted to implement Google Analytics but none of them knew how doing it. No offer the job is still open. I get calls from different recruiting agencies in that position. Big Three is very hard to get into particularly digital marketing. Luckily you can easily see the experience of managers on Linkedin.

To cut the long story short, it seems I am sailing in the Bo’s ship. I can feel the pain she has been through. I would also salute her for taking the time to write about it. For three years I have been thinking to express my feelings, but never had courage to do. Today, I shared 10 percent of the incidents. I am not expecting a changed in peoples attitude, but I will be very lucky if I see real diversity in companies. By the way, that Fortune 500 Company is not on my resume and Linkedin. Being an SEO specialist, I only want to be related to companies that care for their customers and employees.