Loves and Hates

Could it actually be that one person loves and hates another person in the same time? Today he says ‘’I love you’’ but tomorrow he says ‘’I hate the day I met you’’

Could it be that even if a person loves someone with whole heart, he hates him for a couple of minutes? Of course it does and we all have experienced that in our lives

Think about a person you love more than God, have you loved him every single minute of your life? Have you never said ‘’ I hate you, stay away from me! Don’t come! Never, never again’’ to a person you love more that God? Of course you did, that’s not weird at all, we are all humans

When a person loves another person, regardless on what that person means to him, there is always one piece of his heart that loves that person so much that no one can explain amount of it and one part that can easily be affected by frustration and anger

Love is not only loving someone, love is not only to be with someone you love, love is much more than that, love is when a person is worried about another person, when a person starts being angry because he is disappointed on the person he loves, when a person doesn’t think about words coming out of his mouth because love and everything that person has fought for has been hurt

If a person loves another person and in the meanwhile person has been hurt or disappointed from a person he loves, the only thing a person can get is huge and unstoppable wind which comes so fast and blows over person heart so that nothing can stop it, no one can think at something else but frustration, hate, anger and disappointment

That doesn’t happen because a person doesn’t love another person, it happens exactly because he actually loves that person, otherwise he wouldn’t care about that or be disappointed or angry

One relationship between two persons can’t be successful without mixed feelings
You know why? Because that relationship wouldn’t be between two persons, not between humans

We are not created to have only one feeling in our heart, we are created to have mixed feelings, otherwise we wouldn’t exist, right? To have mixed feelings doesn’t always have to mean something bad, sometimes it can help in understanding of each other feelings

One human is not created to be robot, human is not created to be programmed, not to repeat same thing over and over without quitting or changing something

Of course that mixed feelings can lead to some bad stuff, like being disappointed or being angry, frustrated, but it cannot lead to an catastrophe, because if a person truly loves someone else, then relationship between them is unbreakable, then there is no problem that cant be solved for them, then there is no trap that cant be avoided, then everything is possible, even the things whole world thinks are not

I one book (Timmen 1894) which is written by Kate Chopin one person so called mrs Mallard is presented
Her love was huge, she loved her husband more than anything but in the same time she hasn’t

She had mixed feelings, she was a human being, she has never hated or not loved her husband, she only thought on herself a little, on freedom, but she has loved him anyways, she was a human with mixed feelings, she died from happiness, from love, there was no problem that couldn’t be solved for her, there was no trap which couldn’t be avoided for her, even if she had mixed feelings she stood to the end and she loved him

Its not possible for love to work if everything is peace and joy, love must be wounded, disappointed, cursed, hated, but still loved