Effectiveness Through Connections

This ad is showing a man hugging another man with a faded body. We can infer by looking at this that this is the man whose organs he just received. The quote on the top right, “Thousands of people owe their lives to organ donors,” further supports this idea. This ad uses very neutral colors and makes sure the camera angle is straight on to make it more effective. Even though two grown men are the focus of the ad, it effectively demonstrates the emotional appeal, the need to nurture, in order to get its point across.

Many things contribute to this ad in order for it to successful portray its message. The first concepts are the visuals. This is a very dull looking ad so that people focus on the message of it and not the image. It uses almost all cool colors because you aren’t supposed to look at this ad and get excited. It is a more solemn ad, and the colors reflect that. The camera angle is facing straight on so that it doesn’t give the impression of anyone having power, or anyone being looked down upon. Even though we may feel sorry for the people receiving the transplants, the camera angle doesn’t give us that impression. I feel it represents need to nurture because it is taking care of someone. Even though it isn’t a mother, child relationship or a owner, pet relationship, it is still taking care of a sick person. When people see this they feel compelled to help in some way. We can’t let these people continue to suffer, so we will sign up to be an organ donor to help. This ad also relates to Jungians ideas or advertising because it is getting us to relate by telling a story. I’m sure everyone has had some loved one die of some health problem, so what if something like a transplant couldn’t helped. Like it mentions in the ad, thousands of people are alive today because of them, so who’s to say it can’t be a loved one that’s alive from one. It makes us connect on a personal level, which is yet another way it is effective.

I think this ad also gives the correlation between being a caring human and donating your organs. One demographic portrayed is the people who are organ donors. Another demographic is the people who receive the transplants. The hug being shared between these two men looks very caring with the one mans head on the others shoulders. You can tell by how tightly the hug is that the man is very thankful.nthis is portraying all the the patients receiving the organs as good, kindhearted, thankful people. They will truly appreciate the organ donation. The way that the donor is grabbing the patient’s leg is showing his care for the patent and his sense of nurture. The fact that they are embracing each other so tightly represents the bond that they will now share.

As you can see, the visuals and slogans really contribute to the effectiveness of this ad. When people see an ad like this they stop to look at it. It is a touchy subject and the fact that they put it so simply does the job better than if they were to throw it in your face. An ad like this will make you think for a while because it makes organ donating seem like the truly right option. All of these different factors make this ad extremely effective.

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