Is Rob Oakeshott Running For The Money?
Nathan Quigley

Predictably, this piece is nothing more than frankly political, baseless innuendo from the Nationals.

Cowper, the seat that Oakeshott is contesting, was safe and taken for granted by the incumbent Nationals Member. Now, the Nationals are suddenly seriously threatened in Cowper by Oakeshott’s candidacy and this piece is an effect of their panic. To make matters worse, the Nationals still haven’t gotten over the fact that he bravely left them over a difference of principles in 2002.

I’m not in the seat of Cowper, but I’ve personally met Mr Oakeshott a number of times over the years. Each time, I came away with the strong impression that you’d be hard pressed to find a more earnest and principled person in any profession, let alone politics.

Don’t listen to Quigley’s unfounded imtimations. There’s not doubt that Oakeshott is in this campaign for the right reasons.

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